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Just wanted to say thank you for good and extensive report. It allowed us to avoid purchasing faulty goods. Please pass my thank you to all involved in the inspection. (by Yehudi Dul, the Sourcing Manager of ZHONG DING TRADING COMPANY)

We received the goods, the quality looks very good. We have much less compliants from the clients because of the quality problems now. Thank you very much.. By Babette Cali

Very good job Very accurate and the analysis was exactly as requested After your report we did a conference call with the supplier and all defect points were discussed and follow below the results of our discussion based on RichForth report This can show how your team's work is important for development and quality assurance of our products Thanks By Calcert, the Manger of Blossom

Dear Kay,
we already received the products that you inspected. So far, everything is going well with those goods, and about the inspection you did for us, we were very pleased.
Hope we can continue working new projects on the future.
By Abraham Abner

I just wanted to say thank you for handling our inspection. I found it to be very thorough. I feel from your reports, I have a good understanding of the quality of product that I will be receiving. I am very happy with RichForth service and would not hesitate to use
RichForth again or recommend to others.. By Petruchioļ¼ŒPuchaser Manager of Casaba Trading Co.